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Rimstock is proud to support Britain’s premier motorsport series

From race proven, lightweight and durable Team Dynamics Pro Race cast wheels - to the ultra light Pro Forged series - and featured in series including Touring cars, Sports cars, Formula Racing, Rallying and Rally cross - Rimstock build cutting edge products for all classes and formulas who require fast, race proven, reliable products.

Rimstock’s continued involvement with their Team Dynamics brand-leading technology and race bred performance, is enabling us to rapidly increase the range of competition wheels, covering many of today’s demanding motorsport applications.

Rimstock is extremely proud that their Team Dynamics wheels have been used to win the British Touring Car Championship every year since 2011, with their cast alloy Pro Race 1.2 and 1.3 ranges.

In 2010, the Australian V8 Supercar series, one of the most demanding touring car series in the World, selected Team Dynamics forged wheels and continue to use exclusively to this date with a fantastic performance and durability record. Whether it’s private teams, complete championships or manufacturers, Rimstock has the flexibility and production capability to service a customer’s needs, no matter their size or technical demand.